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Quality PPGI manufacturers and exporters should have a real venue for marketing your product, and the opportunity to cater to some of the biggest clients around the world. We've created Buy PPGI to make that happen.

Connect to Real PPGI Buyers and Sellers Around the World with Zero Membership Fees.

How does Buy PPGI work?

This website is an online marketplace that links buyers and sellers of coil coated steel from China, Taiwan, Korea and all over the world. We believe this platform can present a lot of advantages for both suppliers and buyers, minimizing the difficulties of coming into a deal, so that everyone can focus on the real meat of their business. It's a great way to keep marketing costs down while finding access to a wide array of potential sales leads that can help boost your business opportunities.

We will initially work with a pool of 12 member manufacturers, who are selected by invitation only. By keeping it to this small number, manufacturers can remain competitive while also preventing market saturation. In addition, we take this enterprise very seriously. We'll spend some time vetting all our of partners' qualifications so we can continue delivering the best quality products to our customers.

The end result is a thriving ecosystem of PPGI buyers and sellers who have equal opportunities for competitive pricing and access to an impressive chunk of the market.

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