About BuyPPGI

BuyPPGI.com is an online marketplace dedicated to bringing together buyers and sellers of pre-painted galvanised iron. Like many online marketplaces, it provides a tremendous opportunity for buyers and sellers to come together and make deals that are mutually beneficial for supplier and client in a cost-competitive way.

Our inspiration for BuyPPGI came from our many visits to China and South Korea, when we were sourcing our suppliers for many of our clients around the world. On one occasion, we found 3,000 metric tons of PPGI steel for a client in Saudi Arabia. Our experience has taught us that it’s not easy finding dependable suppliers who can deliver high-quality products in the right quality at the requested volume on time and at a great price. But with a bit of inside knowledge honed from our years of being in the PPGI business, we know we can make that happen for suppliers and buyers alike.

Our solution: an online marketplace consisting of 12 PPGI manufacturers that are carefully selected because of their capability to meet all of these needs. These mills produce over 3.5 million metric tons of PPGI per year. With the construction boom in the Middle East and in many other regions around the globe, we want to give PPGI manufacturers in China, Taiwan, and South Korea an opportunity to exponentially expand their markets and businesses.

We’ve seen this system at work, and we know its potential in creating a dynamic and thriving marketplace where a select number of suppliers can place quotes on orders and the most dependable suppliers get the job. We also know there is more than enough demand on the market to keep our partner suppliers busy. And we know that by continually delivering on commitments in a timely manner, there is nowhere else to go but up in terms of the demand and the windows for growth.

The opportunity that we are offering doesn’t last forever. With only 12 slots to fill in, we need you to act in a timely manner if you are interested in partnering with us. Currently, we have over 20 registered buyers who have collectively purchased over 75,000 metric tons in PPGI on a yearly basis, and that is projected to continue growing in the coming years.
If you’re ready to partner with us, take the time to answer the form for review and we will get started with the process of assessing your qualifications.

The opportunities abound and the world awaits.

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