Frequently asked questions

How does operate?

We understand that when something says ‘FREE’ in flashing letters, it’s more often than not anything but. That’s why we feel it’s important to explain how we make our comparison services free.


Who owns comes under the umbrella of our parent company the Mango B2B Limited, which owns a number of well-known B2B market places such as However, we would like to stress that is completely impartial.

We do not promote any one brand over any other competitor – our PPGI tables are ordered on price alone.


How we get paid?

The most important point to note is that we don’t make money at your expense. We provide a comparison service and, for doing so, get a small fee from the providers we do business with if you decide to buy their product or service. This has no impact on the price you pay and does not influence the information we provide.

On top of this, we also guarantee that you won’t find a cheaper price by going direct to the supplier, or product provider and we always show tariffs in best price order – so you can see clearly where you will get the best deal.


The quote process

As for the actual comparison service, here’s a step-by-step guide to how we bring you our prices:

1. You search for a quote?

Here’s the scenario; you come on to our site to look for a quote. If you’re looking for PPGI or GI we will show you a list of providers who we maintain commercial relationships with. However, we don’t have a commercial partnership with every provider in the market – so, in the interest of fairness, we’ll also show you as much of the rest of the market as we can; just click ‘View More’ to see a list of other providers.

2. We go hunting…

We then send out instant requests to our different partners. When they come back to us, we simply present them in best price order for you to compare. It’s important to note that the way we display our results is not related at all to how much we get paid, but instead the quotes and prices are ranked according to how much money you could save.

3. Where the money comes in…

In the majority of cases, our commercial partners (i.e. your potential steel provider mill, manufacturer, supplier etc) will pay us if a customer chooses to buy their product through So it’s in our best interests to find you the top deal on the service you’re looking for, in order that you don’t go elsewhere. For once, a system where everybody wins!


The Supplier registration process

If your company is producing PPGI steel product and would like to be on our supplier’s list, please check the steps below.

1. Fill up the “Supplier registration” form.

Go to a “Supplier registration” form and fill up all the details. Leave your comments or other info in the “Additional comments” field.

2. Review & verification

We will review your submitted data and get back to you. If your company qualifies to be on our list we will contact you and set-up a conference call, otherwise we will thank you for your cooperation.

3. Conference call

We would like to know more about your company and your mills.

4. Acceptance to a supplier list

If all the “boxes are checked” we will let you  know that you are a part of our Suppliers list on We will do our best to forward you quality leads and inquiries and we expect prompt communication and smooth process of sharing the inquiry details.


A reminder why it pays to use

Just to reiterate – buying a PPGI steel product through us is exactly the same as going direct, so you should have no worries about paying any middle men. In short, while comparing through will not cost you a penny, it could save you a whole lot more.