What makes us different

We are a niche-specific marketplace. We only deal with PPGI, and that puts us in the prime position to be an industry leader in the pre-painted galvanised iron market.

We are also immensely proud of our system, which limits the supply to just a few competent manufacturers. This is important to us because it strikes a great balance between meeting the growing demands of clients while also ensuring the quality and capability of the partners we work with.

To you as a supplier, this means that:

  • You have an access to a pool of high quality buyers that will keep you busy throughout the year.
  • It gives your business a global reach at a very reasonable cost. You don’t need to spend millions on advertising if you can already reach your target market at BuyPPGI.com.
  • With over 20 registered buyers and an annual demand upwards of 75,000 metric tons, there are regular enquiries that convert into orders.

Our system requires no up-front fee. We do not charge you for registering to the site; we only ask that you allow us to vet your qualifications so we can select the best suppliers from the pool of many who are eager to become our partners. Instead, we only charge a small commission fee – as low as 1% – for every successful order. This means that you don’t have to pay anything until you’ve closed a deal, and that offers tremendous savings for your business.

To you as a buyer, BuyPPGI.com means that:

  • Our rigorous selection process guarantees that only the best producers with the most amazing products will make the cut.
  • You can now avoid the middle man and therefore get access to better prices.
  • You have a selection of 12 equally qualified and dependable suppliers which gives you a wide range of choices.
  • You get real-time responses to your orders. This means accurate pricing and delivery dates; no need to wait for days to allow the middle man to get you the information you need.
  • Complete transparency. You open a Letter of Credit directly with the selected supplier.
  • Best of all: no up front fees to use this service!

We know this system will help facilitate more efficient and cost-effective deals around the world, and we are proud of the potential that it carriers for buyers and suppliers alike.

Make this unique system work for your business by partnering with us today.